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Council Services

This section gives details of all the services provided by Skipton Town Council. They are listed alphabetically. You can scroll through the list - or jump straight to a specific service by using the links on the right.

Please remember that other services are provided by Craven District Council and North Yorkshire County Council and you will need to refer to the appropriate Council for details.


Skipton Town Council operates three allotment sites within the Parish of Skipton. There are two large sites, at Middletown and Broughton Road, and a smaller site at Burnside Chapel.

Availability of plots varies with demand, and the Council operates a waiting list when sites are full. Plot holders are required to sign a tenancy agreement and pay an annual fee.

Download a map showing all Skipton Town Council sites:
Property Assets Map

If you wish to apply for an allotment, you will need to complete an application form. These are available from the Council's offices at Skipton Town Hall - or you can download a form using the link below. Once you have completed the form you should send it to the Council. We will then contact you with further information.

Download an Allotment Application Form:
Allotment Application Form

You may also find the following information useful:

Download a copy of the Council's Allotments Allocation Policy:

Download a Sample Allotment Tenancy Agreement:
Sample Tenancy Agreement

If you already have an allotment, you will need the Council's permission to undertake certain activities - such as erecting a shed or greenhouse, or keeping livestock.

You can download the relevant form below, which must be submitted to the Council for approval before you undertake any work. If you need any further information on any of these matters, please contact the office for assistance.

Download the application form for permission to erect a building on an allotment site (existing tenants only):
Allotment Building Request

Download the application form for permission to keep livestock on an allotment site (existing tenants only):
Allotment Livestock Request

Download the application form for permission to plant trees and/or bushes on an allotment site (existing tenants only):
Allotment Planting Request

Download the notification form relinquishing your allotment plot (existing tenants only):
Allotment Relinquishment Agreement

Cenotaph, War Memorials & Statues

Skipton Town Council owns and manages, on behalf of the Town, the Cenotaph at the top end of Skipton High Street and a smaller war memorial adjacent to the lower entrance to Aireville Park on Gargrave Road.

The Council is also responsible for the statue of Sir Mathew Wilson, located outside Skipton Library on the High Street.

Regular inspections and maintenance take place - and specialist cleaning is undertaken as required, usually every five to ten years.

The Cenotaph and Sir Mathew Wilson Statue were cleaned during the spring of 2014.

Christmas Lights

Skipton Town Council works with the Skipton Business Improvement District (BID) to provide Christmas lighting displays across the Town Centre each year.

The Town Council funds lights for the High Street, Sheep Street and Otley Street, with the BID providing funding for other peripheral streets.

The Town Council manages the various contracts and oversees installation of the lighting and the main Christmas Tree located outside Skipton Town Hall.

Skipton's lights are normally switched on during the last week of November and run until 6th January.

A new lighting scheme was introduced in 2014. Some additional tree lighting is planned for 2017, extending onto Mill Bridge.

Churchyards & Closed Burial Grounds

The Town Council, by statute, maintains the churchyards at Holy Trinity Church and Christ Church in Skipton, together with the closed burial ground on Raikes Road.

This work includes the majority of grounds maintenance and grass cutting and the management of any trees, hedges and boundaries. The Council is also responsible for floodlighting and the maintenance of the clock at Holy Trinity Church.

A community group - the Friends of Raikes Road Burial Ground - oversees an ongoing project to restore and maintain these historic grounds and to make them accessible to the public. A number of events and open days take place each year. Anyone interested in joining the Group should contact the Council for more details.

Civic Events

Skipton Town Council supports and assists with the organisation of many civic events throughout the year, including the annual Remembrance Day Parade and Wreath-Laying Ceremony in November - together with Armistice Day, St George's Day, the Battle of Britain Parade and Armed Forces Day.

Remaining Dates for 2017:

Armed Forces Day Parade
Sunday 25th June 2017

Parade and short ceremony at Skipton Town Hall to mark Armed Forces Day. A flag raising ceremony also takes place on the previous Monday. The flag is lowered during the AFD ceremony and presented at an armed services veteran. The parade is scheduled to form up on Otley Street at 3.30pm.

Battle of Britain Parade
Sunday 11th September 2017

A parade organised by the Skipton Branch of the Royal Air Force Association. Further details will appear later but the parade normally starts at around 5.30pm, followed by a short ceremony at the Cenotaph and a church service.

Armistice Day - Cenotaph
Friday 11th November 2017

This will take place from 10.45am. Anyone wishing to attend should meet outside Skipton Town Hall.

Remembrance Day Parade - Skipton Cenotaph
Sunday 13th November 2017

The parade on this day will start at approximately 10.40am from Bunkers Hill in Skipton (adjacent to the Court buildings) and will parade along Newmarket Street and onto the High Street to the Cenotaph for the wreath-laying ceremony at 11am and a service in Holy Trinity Church afterwards. Following the service, the parade will reform and head down the High Street, onto Newmarket Street and Bunkers Hill. The parade will fall out adjacent to the Three Links Club on Rectory Lane.

Any group(s) or individuals who wish to either march in the Parade or lay a wreath as part of the ceremony at the Cenotaph should contact Wendy Allsopp at Skipton Town Council on 01756 700553.

Community Grants

The Council has in the past operated an annual Community Grants Scheme providing financial support to community groups and non profit-making organisations operating within the Parish of Skipton.

As part of the budget setting process, the Council has decided to put the scheme on hold pending further review and the availability of funding.

Further information will appear here once any review is completed. Until then, unfortunately, the Council is not able to accept any requests for grant funding.

The last distribution of funding took place in 2014. A list of grants awarded can be viewed or downloaded below.

Grants to Community Organisations - 2014

Environment & Planning

Although Craven District Council is the local Planning Authority, Skipton Town Council is a statutory consultee in the planning process - and the Council's Environment & Planning Committee considers and makes recommendations on all planning applications submitted for work within the Parish of Skipton.

Any individual or organisation making a substantial planning application, or proposing any significant development within Skipton, may wish to make representations to the Committee.

Please contact the Town Council's offices for more details on (01756) 700553.

Events & Festivals

Skipton Town Council plans, supports, organises and funds a range of events and festivals in the Town each year - either in its own right, or in partnership with other local groups and organisations.

The Council also works closely with the Skipton Business Improvement District (BID) to develop plans for new events and to enhance those already taking place.

Our Town Centre Management Team are always happy to discuss potential new events with local groups or individuals. You should contact the Events & Tourism Manager, Brett Butler, in the first instance.

Full details of all events within Skipton can be found on the Visit Skipton website:

Application forms are now available for Skipton Christmas Market, for further information contact us on -
Telephone: 01756 700553

Heap Parkinson Homes

The Council owns, in trust, two blocks of Almshouses on Otley Road in Skipton - comprising 11 units designed for occupancy by local people aged over 55.

Heap Parkinson Homes operates as a charity and is managed separately from the Council - although all 16 Councillors are trustees. A committee of Managing Trustees oversees the running of the homes.

Plans are currently underway for refurbishment of the properties.

Details of any vacancies will be notified here - and the Council does operate a waiting list for anyone interested in future vacancies.

Any queries relating to the Homes should be addressed, in the first instance, to Jill Peacock at the Town Council's offices.

Marketing & Tourism

As part of its Town Centre Management function, the Council works with partner authorities and organisations to help promote tourism in the Town.

In particular, the Council works with the Skipton Business Improvement District and the Skipton Chamber of Trade & Commerce, having representatives on the executive boards of both these organisations.

The Council produces promotional materials, leaflets and posters and attends a number of tourism industry exhibitions and shows to promote Skipton as a tourist destination to coach operators and group travel organisations - under the Visit Skipton brand.

The Business Improvement District operates to a five-year Business Plan setting out its vision for the Town. The Chamber represents over 100 businesses across Skipton.

Petyt Library

The Council owns (in part with Ermysted's Grammar School) a substantial set of historic books donated to the Town and School by Sylvester Petyt.

The collection is managed by an independent set of Trustees and is housed in Skipton Library on the High Street.

The collection can be viewed by appointment only. Please contact the office for further information on (01756) 700553.

Part of the collection is currently on loan to the University of York for research purposes.

Public Conveniences

Skipton Town Council currently manages the public conveniences at Coach Street Car Park in Skipton.

The Council took over operation of the toilets in 2011 at a time when they were threatened with closure.

In spring 2014, the facility underwent a comprehensive 70,000 refurbishment programme - as the Council believes it is vital to provide high quality facilities for visitors to the town and our local residents. Skipton Town Council funded the bulk of the refurbishment costs, together with grant funding from Craven District Council and the Tarn Moor Estate.

The Coach Street toilets are generally open from 8am to 6pm each day, except Christmas Day. A voluntary fee of 20p is charged for each use of the toilets. All fees collected are used towards the running costs of the facility.

No cash is left in the toilets overnight. The toilets are regularly cleaned and inspected throughout the day, on a random basis, to discourage anti-social behaviour.

Skipton Town Council obviously wishes to keep these refurbished facilities in top condition so, if you do spot any problems, please contact us straight away on (01756) 700553.

Other public conveniences in Skipton - at the Bus Station and in the Town Hall Car Park - are provided by Craven District Council (CDC). Any issues relating to these facilities should be directed to CDC and not to Skipton Town Council.

Recreation Grounds & Play Areas

The Council maintains a significant number of recreation grounds and play areas across the Parish. Many contain items of play equipment, all of which is regularly inspected to ensure the highest safety standards. Some areas also include 'runs' for the exercising of dogs.

The recreation grounds are:
Bold Venture Recreation Ground
Broughton Road Play Area
Burnside Recreation Ground
Lytham Close Play Area
Middletown Recreation Ground
Millennium Green Play Area
North Parade Recreation Ground
Pasture Close Recreation Ground
Raikes Road Recreation Ground
Shortbank Recreation Ground
The Ginnel Play Area

Three of the recreation grounds (Broughton Road, Burnside, Lytham Close) have recently seen major refurbishment and the installation of new and improved equipment and facilities.

The Environment Agency has recently funded some refurbishment at The Ginnel play area following substantial flood alleviation work to the adjacent beck.

A programme of refurbishment is planned at other sites in the future.

Download a map showing all of the Council's sites:

Property Assets Map

Skipton Business Crime Reduction Partnership

Skipton Town Council is one of the core agencies supporting the new Skipton Business Crime Reduction Partnership (SBCRP) along with North Yorkshire Police, the Skipton Business Improvement District, Shopwatch and Skipton Town Against Nighttime Disorder.

The scheme links shops, hotels, pubs, restaurants and other businesses together via a central monitored radio link to share information about known offenders and suspicious or illegal activity.

Membership is open to all businesses in the Town Centre area.

The Council's Town Centre Ambassadors participate in the scheme, undertaking a co-ordinating role and encouraging both new businesses to join the scheme and existing members to fully utilise the available resources.

The scheme has had a significant number of successes in foiling and preventing illegal activities and shoplifting.

Skipton Market

Skipton Town Council is responsible for the management of Skipton Market - operating under a lease from Skipton Castle, who own the rights to hold the Market.

The Market is held every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday - and takes place on the stone 'setts' along both sides of Skipton's historic and award-winning High Street.

The Council is always interested to hear from prospective traders and applications to trade on the Market are always welcomed.

If you are interested in becoming a trader you should contact the Market Officer, Stefan Bodnarczuk, on (01756) 700553.

Applications are considered on a first-come, first-served basis and the Council operates a waiting list when the Market is fully subscribed either overall or in terms of specific trading lines.

Street Lighting & Street Furniture

Skipton Town Council is responsible for the maintenance of a substantial number of discretionary street lights (generally away from main highways), together with other items of street furniture such as public seating, litter bins and dog waste bins.

All are inspected and maintained on a regular basis. A contract is in place for the regular emptying of litter bins and dog waste bins.

It should be noted that some litter and dog waste bins are the responsibility of other authorities such as Craven District Council or, in areas along the canal towpaths, the Canal & River Trust.

Public seating is provided in many areas of the Town - and some seating includes commemorative plaques. If you have any queries concerning plaques - or the provision of additional seats as a memorial to a loved one - you should contact the Council's Estates Manager, Les Chandler on (01756) 700553.

Support to Community & Voluntary Groups

The Council acts as the administrative support to a number of local community and voluntary groups.

These include:
Skipton In Bloom
Friends of the Wilderness
Friends of Raikes Road Burial Ground

Most of these groups operate under a separate 'constitution' and determine their own priorities and workload, supported by the Council. The groups will generally always welcome new members.

Councillors and Council Officers also support many other community groups by attending their regular meetings and providing ad-hoc assistance.

Tarn Moor Estate

The Tarn Moor Estate is a separate charity holding a substantial amount of land on the outskirts of Skipton which is held in trust for the benefit of the Community.

Skipton Town Council, as an entity, acts as the 'Custodian Trustee' for the land. This means that it owns the title to all of the land, but holds it in trust for the Charity.

In practice, the Council has no control over the day-to-day management of the estate. This is undertaken by a group of five Managing Trustees of which the Council nominates two.

The nominated trustees serve in their own right as trustees and are not direct representatives of the Council.

The trustees currently nominated by the Council are: Cllr Robert G Heseltine and Cllr Paul Whitaker

Any queries relating to the management of the Estate should be directed to:
Jane Markham
Clerk to the Trustees


or: c/o Dacre, Son and Hartley
The Estate Office, Station Road, Otley, West Yorkshire LS21 3DR

Town Centre Ambassadors

Together with the Skipton Business Improvement District (BID), Skipton Town Council operates a Town Centre Ambassador scheme across the Town Centre.

In effect, this is a mobile tourist information service providing help, advice and directions to members of the public visiting the Town Centre.

The Ambassadors also keep a check on the local environment, looking out for litter, dog fouling, graffiti, fly-posting and other anti-social activities - liaising with the appropriate agency to help resolve the issue.

The Ambassadors are also an important part of the Skipton Business Crime Reduction Partnership, keeping an eye on the Town Centre and linked to the main scheme by radio.

As well as our paid supervisor roles, the Council has a number of volunteer ambassadors - and is always interested to hear from anyone who may wish to volunteer for the scheme. There is no minimum requirement, hours can be arranged to suit personal circumstances and availability. Training, equipment and protective clothing are provided to successful applicants.

If you are interested in becoming a Volunteer Ambassador, you should complete a Volunteer Application Form and return it to the Council

Download a copy of the Volunteer Application Form:

Volunteer Application Form

Town Centre Management

The role of the Town Centre Management Team has grown in the last few years, reflecting changes in legislation, policing policies for non-civic events - and in the number and complexity of events and festivals taking place in the Town.

The Council employs an Events & Tourism Manager, Brett Butler, to oversee this element of the Council's work, which involves developing close working relationships with our partners in other local authorities, emergency services, community groups and, in particular, the Skipton Business Improvement District.

Town Twinning

Skipton is twinned with two European towns:

Located in Bavaria on the Germany/Austria border, Skipton has been twinned with Simbach for over thirty years - and very strong links exist between the two towns, including well-supported Twinning Associations in both Skipton and Simbach.

Located in the north of France, close to Lille, Erquinghem-Lys has very close associations with the former Duke of Wellington's Regiment (now the Yorkshire Regiment) and the two towns twinned in 2009.


The Council is responsible for the upkeep of all trees and hedges across its land but, in particular, is responsible for the trees lining Skipton High Street.

These native lime trees were planted in 1897 to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria.

The trees are protected meaning that if they are damaged or die, they must be replaced. A number of the trees have been replaced in recent years - and this programme of replacement will continue as required.

Urban Grass Cutting

In April 2015, as part of cutbacks in its budgets, North Yorkshire County Council ceased all amenity grass cutting in urban areas across the county.

Skipton Town Council now undertakes all of this work within Skipton, to ensure that all areas of amenity grass within the Town continue to be cut. Generally, grass is cut on a regular basis through the season (from around March to September/October).

The Council has done its best to ensure that all areas of grass previously cut continue to be cut as part of the revised arrangements. However it is possible that, given the quantity of individual locations which need to be serviced, an occasional site will not have been included in the contract specification - or may have been missed.. If you identify a site which has not been cut, but you think should be, please contact us.

Please note that amenity grass is cut on a 'cut and drop' basis. This means that the grass cuttings are not taken away. This is normal practice and does not normally cause any problems. The additional cost of taking away grass cuttings is prohibitive and is not generally considered as being effective in the longer term.